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Resources for leaders of singles organizations, groups and ministries. Topics include: attendance, liability / insurance, starting a new singles group.

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Singles events - Attendance at functions is often a concern of leaders. New groups often have difficulty dealing with the issue of attendance and often become frustrated when they only pull 20% or less people from their roster to a particular event. When this occurs, perhaps we need to ask ourselves: "How many people are enough?" If the participants are glad that they attended, then perhaps that is all that matters. If, however, the leader(s) have larger goals in mind, then more promotion may be needed. If promotional resources are limited, then the leader(s) may consider having functions less frequently and, in effect, promote each one more heavily. Another alternative is to maintain the same frequency of functions, but focus on only a few of the functions as "larger events". Many people like larger functions but others actually prefer smaller functions. Offering both will help keep more people interested in your organization overall.

Singles ministries - Smaller churches are usually discouraged from starting their own singles ministry due to the fear that the attendance would be too small to keep it active. Some small churches have cooperated with other small churches to form successful singles ministries that endure. Some examples can be found in our list of singles organizations. For smaller congregations, a combination of offering an adult "singles friendly" class and also the involvement in a local singles ministry "co-op" might be in the best interest of everyone.

Singles dances - Singles dances usually require a large attendance to make them considered successful. This is especially if they are going to only be a "singles dance". If an event is promoted as a " singles dance" then those who come will expect the attendance to be high especially if the dance is held in, or near a metropolitan area. The old adage "success breeds success" definitely applies to singles dances. If a dance is to be held on a weekly or monthly basis, it is wise to pool all available resources into the first dance and promote it heavily. The first dance can make or break the popularity of the following dances.

A dance can, however, be part of large non-dance event and be viewed as successful even if there are not a great number of people participating. People that enjoy dancing need little encouragement to dance if the opportunity is properly presented at an event. Just two people that like to dance can get the ball rolling at an event. I have seen successful dances as part of larger parties and the key was to make people feel comfortable. I would like to note that this was a NON-alcohol event so be assured that alcohol is not necessary for a successful dance.


Liability / Insurance

Many groups choose to run their organizations without liability insurance coverage. This is due to the cost and difficulty in obtaining coverage. The leaders try to protect themselves and the organization by only holding events at public places, restaurants, etc where liability coverage would hopefully be provided by the facility. This would seem to be an effective way to avoid liability but of course it limits what can be offered as activities for the participants. Some groups require that members sign a waiver of liability but it is questionable if these types of waivers actually provide any real protection.


Starting a new singles organization

Before starting a singles group or other singles organization it would be wise to make sure you know exactly why you want to do so. Write out your goals and plans. This will help you determine if the end result will be worth your effort and your long term commitment to the people you are planning to serve. Before starting your own group, please check our listing of singles organizations and other sources. Many singles groups have been started by people simply because somebody was not aware of local groups that already existed. There may be a group near you in which you can get involved as a participant or even in a leadership role. Starting and managing a successful organization usually requires more work than is expected. Single volunteers are needed for most all existing organizations and volunteering can be very rewarding. Volunteering can also give you a better sense as to whether or not you would want the responsibility of leading a group yourself.

Many singles groups have lasted only as long as the initial founder was involved. There is nothing wrong with this and hopefully the group helped some people. However, the same person could have perhaps given a boost to an existing organization that would continue to exist and help more people in the future.


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Guest Speakers Available for Your Special Event


Andrea Y. Edwards - Hughes - L.P.C., M.A. Counseling - Singles and Family Life Minister - Motivational speaker available for special events. Also facilitates various seminars and events including "Oh No, I'm Dating the Wrong Person Again!" A life and relationship success training / seminar and coaching teleclass for singles, "Grooming of the Prince and Princess" A Structured Growth Group for Singles, and "Singles Day of Reflection" A pre-holiday away for reflection with our precious lover, Jesus Christ. Andrea Hughes is editor of "Selectedly Single" a bi-monthly publication of Abundantly Living Services, an interdenominational singles and family life ministry devoted to supporting and building strong relationships of Christian singles, engaged and married couples through personal, professional counseling and consulting assistance. Hughes may be contacted at 202-269-3449 in Washington, D.C.

Wayne Hudson - Author / Speaker - "The institution of marriage is on life support and its pulse seems to be weakening. We must address the plague of divorce and take measures necessary to strengthen marriages. A very real need is in the area of marriage preparation." Wayne is devoted to this cause and invites you to join in. As part of Wayne's work to help those touched by divorce, he has authored "Many a Tear Has To Fall". Wayne has presented at a number of Christian singles conferences including the National Single Adult Conference at the LifeWay ( Southern Baptist ) Conference Center in Ridgecrest North Carolina and also at the Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center in Oklahoma. To contact Wayne for speaking or teaching seminars, please call him in Mississippi at 228-826-1070

Michael Eaton - Pastor / Author / Speaker - Michael is author of "Overcoming Fatal Attractions and Other Titanic Love Affairs" and other publications. He serves at Associate Pastor of Singles at the Concord Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas Texas. As Pastor of Singles, his mission is to maximize the growth and maturity of single men and women. As a parent, Michael can also personally identify with issues of single parenthood. Michael can be contacted through the church office at 214-331-8522.



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Singles Group Leadership Conferences

Christian Ministries Conference - Ohio Christian Education Association ( OCEA ) - Northern Ohio annual conference held in March at The Chapel in Akron, Ohio in recent years. The conference covers a broad range of topics and has special workshop tracks on the topics of Singles and Leadership. 330-699-1614


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