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As a representative of a singles organization, you can reach out to the singles community through this site. Surf this site to see how you can reach the single people that visit here. If you want your group to be listed, please apply by sending us information about your organization. We reserve the right to not list an organization without giving an explanation as to why. If you wish to become a sponsor of this web site and have your organization featured then please contact us at


No website? No problem!

We can list your group with a phone number. If your organization does not already have a website, please contact us and maybe we can help you or at least give you some direction. We could possibly do a simple web page for you on our site to help get you started, but we are NOT in the business of making websites. We would be happy to help you find a person or firm near you to help you with your website. Check out the websites of some of the singles organizations we have listed and you will get some ideas about what you may want to do for your own group's web site. As you make your decisions about your website, please look beyond the design of the site itself and think about how you will get traffic to your site. We hope that one of the first things you do after getting your site up and running is to contact us in regard to exchanging website links. Actually, you can let us know before your site it done. We'll let people know it is coming!


If you are a group leader, be sure to take a look at our new leadership resources page before you leave. Please bookmark our site and visit again!


This web site is sponsored by people who know what it takes to manage successful singles organizations. Some of us have been involved with singles groups for decades. We hope you can join us to collectively promote singles organizations... including yours!


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